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Geoprobe & DPT Services

Direct-push technology (DPT) sampling may not be the most exciting drilling methodology, but it is a great way to conduct site characterization for environmental sites. DPT sampling is more commonly referred to as “geoprobing” after the company that pioneered the technology, Geoprobe.  This method “pushes” the tool string into the ground utilizing the weight of […]

Well Abandonments

Most of the focus in our industry is put on drilling new wells, but properly decommissioning existing wells is crucial to the safety of residents and the preservation of groundwater resources.   In New Jersey, the Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regulates the decommissioning, or abandonment, of wells.  This includes wells such as residential supply, hand dug, well […]

NJ Faces Worst Drought Since 2002

Counties throughout northern New Jersey are facing moderate to severe drought conditions.  A hot summer, increased water demand and lower rainfall totals have combined to lower water levels of local reservoirs and water wells.  http://s.nj.com/IgwiTrT HRS has been able to help residents improve their well production and water quality in these dry times by providing pump service, […]

Two Masters, One Journeyman & One Monitor Well Driller Added to Staff

Four of our employees traveled to Bordentown in June hoping to pass one of the NJDEP drilling exams and all four came back successful in that pursuit. The NJDEP has granted only two Master Well Driller Licenses this year and both were to our employees.  David Myerchin and Mark Christman each acquired this highest level license […]

Solving Construction Problems at Solar Development

A local solar developer was having trouble installing support posts for their solar farm.  The ground was filled with large cobbles, boulders and a shallow bedrock surface which was hindering their plan to simply use a pile driver to install the posts.  The posts were not reaching their target depth and many of the posts that were […]

HRS Launches New Website

January 2016 – HRS has updated its web presence with a sleek new website designed by We Interactive.  The website provides a detailed account of our current service lines and drilling capabilities.  It also highlights key projects that demonstrate our diverse set of skills and drilling expertise.  Projects include environmental investigation, environmental remediation, large scale […]

HRS Welcomes Andrew Wadden as Operations Manager

September 2015 – The HRS and B&B drilling companies have hired Andrew Wadden to serve as Operations Manager.  Andrew’s role will include everything from proposals and business development through project management and execution.  He also brings different perspective to the company as he began his career in the environmental consulting business. Andrew served as an […]