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Environmental Investigation & Remediation

Environmental Drilling

B&B has provided environmental drilling services since its inception in 1990 and has established itself as an industry leader.

Our diverse equipment inventory and highly skilled drilling staff allow us to successfully drill in the most challenging subsurface conditions.

environmental drilling services

B&B had a unique upbringing.  Our environmental career began with soil sampling and well installation in unconsolidated material with hollow-stem augers, mud rotary and later with direct push technology, but our company grew up surrounded by rock drillers from the water and construction industry through its association with the other HRS companies.

This development has made B&B proficient in drilling in the overburden, but has also made B&B one of the most experienced rock drilling companies in the environmental industry.

Our drill crews are among the most professional and helpful in the industry.  Their willingness and ability to work with the client through each project’s specific challenges have gained praise from clients for years.  This culture of teamwork is a source of great company pride.

Just as our environment clients are leaders in their field, we have a breadth of experience that we can draw on to bring added value to every project.

Over the years, we have also developed a unique system for drilling, testing and completing monitoring well installations by utilizing multiple crews and efficiently deploying our equipment fleet.  This approach has proven effective in saving our clients both time and money.

B&B has executed projects ranging in size from environmental due diligence to full-scale Remedial Investigations to Remedial Actions.

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The equipment fleet here at B&B allows us to employ the following methods of drilling;

  • Dual Rotary
  • Air Rotary
  • Hollow-Stem Auger
  • Mud Rotary
  • Direct-Push

Environmental Services Include:

  • Soil Boring & Sampling
  • Overburden Monitoring Well Drilling & Construction
  • Bedrock Monitoring Well Drilling & Construction
  • Rock Coring
  • Multiport Monitoring Well Installation Support (FLUTe, Westbay, Solinst)
  • Hydropunch/Temporary Well Point Installation
  • Soil Vapor Sampling Point Installation
  • Recovery/Injection Well Drilling & Construction
  • Packer Testing
  • IDW Management
  • Monitoring Well Decommissioning
  • Soft digging
  • Concrete cutting/coring
  • Tight access soil sampling
  • Manual macrocore & large bore sampling

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