Water Well Drilling & Public Supply Wells

HRS and its predecessor, DF Water Well Drilling Co., have drilled water supply wells and provided other related services for homeowners, developers, commercial entities and public suppliers for over eighty years.

Throughout our history we have drilled with state of the art machinery and techniques.  This machinery has evolved from the “churn drill” used at the company’s inception to today’s air and dual rotary machines.

Our air rotary rigs are capable of drilling most residential supply wells, but for more geologically challenging sites we have the dual rotary rig.

This combination of equipment allows us to bring the right tool to the job and drill your well in the least amount of time and at the lowest possible cost.

Our water well drillers are licensed professionals who provide knowledgeable, safe and courteous service to our residential and commercial clientele.

Every well is cased in steel, grouted and sealed against surface contamination in compliance with stringent New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and local health agencies regulations.

We will provide proposals and cost estimates upon request.  The proposal provides a narrative description of the drilling methods and a cost estimate.  The cost estimate is based on certain assumptions made based on our company’s experience in your area, such as total drilled depth, total casing depth, etc.

These estimates are itemized and include unit prices for drilling cost per foot, casing per foot and cost of other materials (such as drive shoes, screens, seals, pitless adapters, state and local permits).

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While we can provide budgetary costs for the pumping system, it is upon completion of the well that we are able to quote on pumping equipment and delivery system ideally suited to your application and the performance characteristics of the newly installed well.

We will communicate with you throughout the drilling process about all major decisions regarding well depths and other issues that will affect the cost and performance of your installation.

We firmly believe that an informed client is the best means to total satisfaction and an important beginning to the next project.

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