NJ Faces Worst Drought Since 2002

Counties throughout northern New Jersey are facing moderate to severe drought conditions.  A hot summer, increased water demand and lower rainfall totals have combined to lower water levels of local reservoirs and water wells.  http://s.nj.com/IgwiTrT

HRS has been able to help residents improve their well production and water quality in these dry times by providing pump service, well deepenings and well replacements.  Two recent projects demonstrate our ability to serve water well customers.

Shallow Hand Dug Well

A customer called complaining of low water production and poor quality of water in an old hand dug well on his property.  We were able to quickly obtain permits and drill a new well to provide an adequate water source for the customer’s home.

New Well vs. Pump Service

Another customer called to get a second opinion on the well/pump on his property after a contractor told him that he would need a new pump and pressure tank because the low water levels in his well had damaged his old pump.  We sent a service crew to the house to check on the problem and they quickly determined the problem was just a faulty pressure switch.  The crew replaced the switch thus saving the customer thousands of dollars.

Please contact us if you have any issues with your water wells or pump.  We are here to help assess the problem, develop a workable/affordable solution and get water flowing through your home again.

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