Solving Construction Problems at Solar Development

A local solar developer was having trouble installing support posts for their solar farm.  The ground was filled with large cobbles, boulders and a shallow bedrock surface which was hindering their plan to simply use a pile driver to install the posts.  The posts were not reaching their target depth and many of the posts that were reaching depth were getting badly bent and twisted. This problem was causing a delay in their construction schedule and a large cost overrun in materials.

We worked with the developer to develop a plan and within days two T4W air rotary rigs were mobilized to the site to pre-drill holes for the posts.  Complicating this effort was the fact that many of the off-spec holes were between framework that was already installed so the rigs had to maneuver to reach each  hole location.  Our crews worked hard to not only pre-drill the holes, but also move materials and coordinate with other trades to complete the work. Our crews easily out-produced other drilling contractors on-site which created great value for our client.

Eight foot deep holes with an air rotary rig is not complicated drilling, but this project demonstrates our ability to work with our clients to solve problems and our ability to execute these solutions.

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